Roger Henthwood

The Party's previous employer


Well, the party has discovered that Roger Henthwood is a dark arcane caster with immense power, able to effortlessly combat the party and even remove them from the continent.


At the beginning of the adventure, the players were met by a strange man with a suspiciously jolly aura about him. He presented himself as a member of nobility working with Master Joeseph in preparation for the Public Mage Fair. As part of this effort, he has hired the party, promising that upon completion of two tasks (one is to guard the wedding, the other involving the clean-up of droppings from his pet dog Sheila), he will reward them with money and citizenship.

As it turns out, Roger was simply disguised as a member of nobility, using the players as a catalyst to advance his scheme of taking advantage of the many dead attendants of the Mage Fair. Upon discovering this plot, he attempted to eliminate the party, only to be spared by the divine presence which had attached itself to Borkul. Instead, Henthwood teleported the party away from Cormyr.

Roger Henthwood

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