The Cormyr Conspiracy

The Wedding (Tues, March 19th)

( Probably not going to mention all of the little things that occurred in our first session. This will just be a general overview. )

We began with several new people arriving at the slave house, just beginning their indentured servitude in Nabel, a small down in the middle of the kingdom of Cormyr. After some conversing amongst the group, there was a knock at the door. A man named Roger Henthwood began to address the group, telling them that he has two tasks for them. If they agreed to help him with these tasks, their reward would be, in addition to a sum of money, their “freedom” and citizenship in Cormyr. The man asked them to arm themselves (Using 500gp which he would provide) with weapons and armor, and to meet him at the main church in the town where they would provide added security to the wedding of Master Joseph. The wedding (Which was going to take place later that day), was a private affair and their job was to stand guard outside and ensure that nobody entered the church. The other task, he said, was to clean up his “dogs” droppings. The man said that due to the upcoming Mage Fair, there were some suspicious people gathering in and around the town that were causing general unrest and he wished to assure the safety of Master Joseph and his bride. After some discussion (And a failed intimidation check [screw you for putting this in the log, Phil. – Dante]), the man gave the group 500gp to purchase equipment, in addition to a letter with both the man’s signature and personal rune, so that they could present it to anyone who might give them trouble.

After purchasing their equipment, they gathered at the church. The guard outside began to harass them, calling them “uglies”, before he was presented with the paper. He begrudgingly accepted it, and informed them that all of the guests had arrived, so there would be no reason to admit anyone to the wedding. The guard then moved inside as they began their guard duty. After a little while, an elderly woman approached them, accompanied by her pet tiger. She merely inquired what was happening and then departed. Later on, a man in a blue robe appeared trying to gain entrance to the wedding, claiming that he was late. We informed him that there were no more guests, and even if there were, we were under strict orders to admit no one. The man begrudgingly accepted our response and went on his way. Some time later the man returned, this time at the back of the church. One party member spotted him, but was too late to stop him from hurling a fireball at the back wall of the church, blowing a massive hole which he used to gain entrance.

The guests began to panic and flee, save one man that was seated, the blue robed man, a ranger, a fighter (Who was glowing purple, for some reason), and Master Joseph, who was seated calmly in a pew towards the back of the church. The party entered and quickly (AND clumsily) dispatched of the group, killing the blue robed man and knocking the fighter unconscious. During the fighting, Master Joseph hurled a glowing gold hammer at the seated man, killing him quickly before the hammer returned to his hand somehow. Before he could attack again, however, a dark portal opened beside him, and some unknown force pulled him in before disappearing. The altar in the middle of the church began to glow, and tendrils of light shot out hitting the body of the wizard, the man that Joseph had killed, the unconscious fighter, and the ranger, teleporting them away before firing another beam of light which struck Borkul The Paladin on the wrist, branding him with the mark of the church they were currently in. The wizard’s poach, that was left, had in it two healing potions and a piece of paper before finally returning to normal. The paper seemed to be covered in writing from multiple languages, all overlapping so that almost nothing could be made out. However, after Dagramine viewed the paper, the words began to resonate in his head, all at once, bringing with them visions both of which he didn’t have time to comprehend before they mysteriously went away along with all of the words on the paper.

(That’s about it for our first session. Can’t wait to see what else is gonna happen! -Phil)
(Edited to correct a view things and provide a few more details. Shut up, Phil. – Dante)


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